I'm using the hole card grid in the Opponents > Player Analysis window to try to get a sense of certain villains' ranges, and I'm looking at the Hand Count view. When I hover over any individual hand, I've noticed that the numbers for AKo, AQo, and even AJo are higher than their suited counterparts (AK, AQs, AJs), and those specific are even consistently higher than AA or KK. This didn't seem right to me ... until I remember that since we can only see the villains' showdown hands and since there are 12 combos for off-suit hands (as opposed to 4 for suited and 6 for pairs), those numbers are inevitably going to be higher despite the fact that folks are just never going to fol Aces. Duh!

My question is about how we're seeing these ranges visually represented to us in the grid. Since it's color-coded by the count, and since statistically we're always going to see more off-suit hands than any other, isn't that going to skew the actual villain's range?

I mean, I suppose there's no way around this because HM can't just make up #'s. But, for example, some opponent's Ax suited hands might get colored dark red (or whatever that second tier color is) when theoretically they're getting played a lot more (3 times more to be exact) and ought to get colored bright red.

Like I said this is more of a theoretical problem perhaps, but my point is that the way we ought to be thinking of ranges is really to be adding more suited and pair combos into what's being shown to us in the grid.

Hope that makes sense!