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    Default Table ninja and

    hello, I would like to know if ninja table works on

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    Ipoker is still in very early beta. And works not in all Ipoker skins.
    Also note that not everything is supported in Ipoker at the moment here is a list of what is:

    1. iPoker tables are recognized, all iPoker networks
    2. Betting hotkeys (Fold, Check/Call, Bet/Raise)
    3. AA Check/Fold hotkey works
    4. Pot betting works
    5. Presets work
    6. Allin + Allin+click hotkeys work
    7. Increment/Decrement betting hotkeys work
    8. Send numpad/backspace to betbox works
    Timebank is not supported yet (or any of the annoyances).

    Please note that out-of-the-box we support Titan and Betfair.
    However, adding your skin is very easy. Once you start your iPoker client, TN2 will recognize it,
    and ask you if you want to add a new theme. You can click Yes, then a wizard will show up,
    you need to take some screenshots, click "Compute Theme" and that's about it. But please make sure you are doing a screenshot exactly with elements on the table TN2 asks (at the left).
    Regards udbrky (Chris)

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