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    Default Spin n go sensei failed

    Tests sucessfully for max holdem and omaha, fails on holdem.

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    Please update to this version:

    Please reproduce issue, then go to TableNinja 2 > Help > Contact Support and click the "Send logs to TableNinja" button.*
    Then send a copy of that ZIP file.

    Also please send a screenshot of your desktop with a table and your HUD displayed.*
    Please follow these instructions to take a screenshot:
    Please send the screenshot even if you don't have a HUD or custom table theme.

    Please also briefly describe what is happening in the ticket.

    Please create a support ticket via the 'Contact Support' link here - - and if there is a forum thread with additional information please link to this thread and let us know your forum name if there are several people in the thread.

    We also need a screenshot of the lobby, the filters, and your sensei setup.
    Regards udbrky (Chris)

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