betting options on table ninja 2 not working on party since update
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    Default betting options on table ninja 2 not working on party since update


    my bettting options are not working on TN2 on party but everything is working fine on stars.

    this happened after the recent party update

    any suggestions on what the problem might be ?

    thank you

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sarek View Post
    Please download this file and update TN2
    I am running this version for a couple a weeks now but in this version there also al lot if bugs on Partypoker and presets bets are STILL NOT WORKING!!!. I think your team had to speed up to deliver the fixes. I have created a ticket 368942 on 22 October and this is confirmed as a bug. But still no Fix. I pay a yearly fee for all sites and now i am waiting more then 3 weeks for a fix.

    Also there also almost no development with new futures lately. I remember a few years ago fixes and updates where pushes much quicker. I am wondering if your team has fall in the numbers. There so much you can add.

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    As you could notice, Party client got NEW updates yesterday.
    So TN2 work in Party was broken twice.
    Problem is being worked on.

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