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    Default Importing Coaching package but nothing happens

    I am trying to import my coaching package to my new computer. I get the message that the coaching package has been imported successfully, but none of the definitions or anything changes. I am using version .8079 as the hands I uploaded were from Ignition and have known hole cards. I'm using my same HM2 serial that I use on my other computer where the import and definitions work, but for some reason nothing happens even after I get the message that it was imported successfully.

    Any ideas what is causing this?


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    I tried to copy and paste my note definitions directly into the "NoteCaddyDefinitions" folder but for some reason only 1 of many definitions shows up.


    nc 2.PNG

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    Are the definitions in the inactive tab? Which NC version is it? I think newer versions may not work with that older hm2 version. Are you seeing any error log for NC? It would be in your C:\Users\[login]\AppData\Roaming\holdem manager\notecaddylogs folder. I may not be typing that folder path 100% correctly but it should be very close.
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