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    Hi sreticentv!

    Are you developing functionality of this software ?
    Because I have same problem as DrSiva ,
    When I put my mouse at 1) it crashes and I have to restart HM2.
    I can check 2) and everything works fine.

    Or do you have any solution for this? Im using this version and version of HM2. If you need any other informations, I will gladly provide.

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    Hello. Notes are not recorded mainly in the "deprecated" format for pokermaster in the actual beta version. See screenshot

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    I'm currently using notecaddy , playing asian website. The notecaddy technically works but there is a big problem, for the hud to refresh data/include new HH. I actually need to rebuilds hands, restart HM, otherwise the hud stay like this:

    I know some others user that have the same setup as me and have the same problem, is this a known issue ?

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