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    Default Official Release Thread

    This is an official release for

    You can manually download the build here, if you have any issues you can rollback to the previous stable version here.

    Note: Restart of HM2 required after the installation before HUD will work on fastforward tables

    Release notes:

    Resolved a problem with retrieving currency exchange rates
    Resolved an issue with HM Sync not working for some users

    Poker Sites
    888Poker - Added suport for 888.it
    iPoker - Added cash game HUD support for new client (March 2018)
    PartyPoker - Added HUD support for Fastforward tables after client update
    PartyPoker - Added support for larger stacks in multi-phase tournaments
    PokerStars - Added HUD support for .FR tables
    PokerStars.IT - Added HUD support for updated tournament tables (March 2018)

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    ZOOM HUD doesn't work in Windows 10 + HM new update for players with whitespace (space) in their user-names on STARS. Pl0x HELP!

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