How to customize my own NC.PlayerTags
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    Question How to customize my own NC.PlayerTags

    As we can see,PokerStar now have forbidden player's badge of NoteCaddy when play online,what I can do is to view the replayer and see from it,and then tag the player from HUD myself.
    I have set the HUD with NC.PlayerTags,so I can tag the player after I review the replayer,but I have define some definitions with my own badges from PNG file,that is ok when I add badge to define that definition,and I can see it in the replayer because I add NC.orderedBadge in HUD.But when I want to tag the player ,there's no the same PNG file,so I can't tag the player with the PNG file I define but only the default badge.
    How to customize my own NC.PlayerTags with my PNG files? This is my question.

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    Good question...

    This may be a bit of an inconvenience but you'd have to move these png files to


    If the "NoteCaddyBadges" folder doesn't exist you can create it. The playertags looks there for images
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    It works now. Thx a lot

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