Transfer notecaddy stats to pt4
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    Default Transfer notecaddy stats to pt4

    Hello guys! I want to transfer my stats from hm2 to pt4, I was told thatīs not possible but it wouldnīt be difficult to make it possible, can you please work on this?

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    It depends on which stats. If they are ones you made then should be easy. The fact that you were told otherwise makes me think these are third party stats that are locked. In this case it's a licensing issue. Stats can be licensed to PT4 keys just like they can to HM2 but doing so would require the third party to re-issue the license for your full PT4 key (not last 6 how it's used everywhere else though it will likely change to allow for the shorter key to be used eventually)

    If these are not locked .n2d extensioned files then it's just a matter of copying them. You can easily get to each versions definitions folder by right clicking any definition in the list at the right and click "open file location"
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