hand strength as stat in HUD
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    Default hand strength as stat in HUD

    Is it possible to have the hand's strength (as compared to the average strength in the database) appear in the HUD?

    For example, you want an insight into a villain's hand strength when he makes a raise in position on the flop. So you make a definition that finds hands where someone does just that, and that requires a showdown, and that "defines opportunities by range." This however will mean that the stat only shows up in the HUD as a "100" or a "-" sign. If you make a definition that doesn't require a showdown and that is "defined by action," it shows up in your HUD as the frequency the villain raises the flop in position (which isn't important in this case).

    I believe I just want to appear is the $strengthversusaverage number to show up, because what I'm curious about is the strength of the hand in relation to what most other villains are holding in this situation, but I'm not sure how to do this. (Also, I'm pretty sure NC Edge does this in their "Power HUD," but I don't have it and probably won't be buy it anytime soon.)

    Hope that makes sense!

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    This should be possible with a composite definition using some combination of

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