Transfering hands from PT4 to HM2
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    Angry Transfering hands from PT4 to HM2

    So I've tried multiple ways of taking hands out of PT4 and putting them into my HM2 and none of them worked.

    First one I've used was going into apps/localdata/pt4/processed and exporting everything and then trying to import it using HM2 and when I try to use HM2 Import folder it doesn't work, then I've tried to use single file on
    "HH20180111 G31227035.phh" or HH20180111 G31227037.dhh" which also does not work.

    Then I've also tried to export using PT4 Software and it spit out the files at me which also could not be imported by HM2. What am I supposed to do ??! It's driving me nuts.

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    HM2 does not import the phh/dhh files. HM3 will.
    Regards udbrky (Chris)

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