export notecaddy statistics with a scrpit
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    Default export notecaddy statistics with a scrpit


    I want to export notecaddy statistics, at the moment processing the .CVS export by doing File -> synchronize - > export notes to CVS but Iím not satisfied because itís too manual, I would like to make it automatic with a script.

    My first thought was to do some request into the PostgreSQL database, I find out the notecaddy_definitions and notecaddy_data may contain everything I need but unfortunately the content is not human readable.

    Can you help me to do that or show me another way that I could reach my goal?


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    I think via the database would be the only way but it would be challenging as you've seen. Much of the code that is used to parse the data from notecaddy_data is pasted at the bottom of this article NoteCaddy note creation information - Assaultware Wiki

    That should help you get the stat values for notes but as far as full text with ranges etc would be tough because that is done during retrieval and is a lot of code
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