This is an official release for

You can manually download the build here, if you have any issues you can rollback to the previous stable version here.

Release notes:

Note: Restart of HM2 required after the installation before HUD will work on fast forward tables

Allow site times adjustments in increments of 15 min
Resolved an issue with getting exchange rates

Poker Sites
PokerStars - Resolves issues with reported MTTs and SNGs not importing
888Poker - Resolve and issue with detecting SNG buy-ins - Added support for buy-in and winnings detection for newer hand history format
IPoker - Improved Double or Nothing detection for buyins/fees/winnings
PartyPoker - Improved Double or Nothing tournament detection
PartyPoker - Prevent automatic stake adjustment for 4NL fast forward games for new hand histories
PartyPoker - Improved support for Sit & Go HERO 3-handed and 4-handed games
WPN - Correctly track re-match HUSNG games
CakePoker/Revolution - Add support for new Cake client with renamed tables

Complete list of changes since previous official release:

Pokerstars - Improved HUD support when multitabling Zoom tables with non-English table names
PokerStars - Added support for new Zoom tables on PokerStars.PT

Ipoker.FR - Added support for handhistory changes that caused incorrect winnings in reports
Ipoker - Added support for updated handhistory format (Including broken .FR handhistories that did not import correctly)
Ipoker - Resolve an issue with importing handhistories for certain players (names including word 'action')
Ipoker - Import support for changed datetime format in handhistories

PartyPoker.FR - Added support for Jaqkpot SNGs
PartyPoker - Fastforward HUD update for NL200 and NL500 tables
PartyPoker - Added support for new fastforward table Rapid
PartyPoker - Added HUD support on Fastforward tables after client update
PartyPoker - Dont run HUD in session mode when handhistories are not anonymoous

WPN - Added support for SNG 2.0 and Jackpot downloadable handhistories (Only default prizes)
WPN - Tournament buyin detection for Jackpot SNGs (Previous format)

888 and hands don't import since recent client update (new header lines)

Microgaming - Prevent import of cash game handhistories starting April 11 2017 following Microgaming decision to stop saving complete handhistory files for all played hands

Resolved an issue with HUD at fastfold tables that some users experienced