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    What is the full name of backup file?

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    Chris, I can't reply to the ticket, because the HM website tells me "This ticket does not belong to you: #305040" ... which, if it is a PT ticket, is not very surprising.

    I'll open a new ticket and hope that your system will manage to assign it correctly this time.


    Ishikawa, there are several different backup files.
    In any case, the file name is irrelevant.
    In addition, the files were restorable on my old system, so there is nothing wrong with them.


    Edit: I have created a new ticket, #T305884. I can see it in "My Tickets", so I hope it is valid and active. I've included the log files I submitted earlier.
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    Please see the emails we've sent today.
    Regards udbrky (Chris)

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