[HUD stat alternative] 4bet/5bet is AA upgraded to 4bet/5bet is AA or KK
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    Default [HUD stat alternative] 4bet/5bet is AA upgraded to 4bet/5bet is AA or KK

    Hello, the title is self explanatory.

    I find this 4bet/5bet is AA a very interesting stat for cash but a bit useless as it is.

    I'd love to get a slightly different stat where it tells me if 4bet/5bet is AA OR KK. Because players usually plays those the same way.

    And the usual example is: tight player 4bets or 5bets shove 100BB. I have AK or QQ and want to know if it's profibtable to call. I look at his stats and his 5bet were never AA on the past 0/2 was AA. Ok nice! But wait he can be 2/2 for KK and I don't know that.

    Now if the stat is 0/2 attempts for AA or KK that's a whole different story. Now I know he 5bets wider than AA or KK. And now this is helpful.

    I find this a very easy stat to introduce and it's important for cash players on reg vs reg play.

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    We have the 4b is premium and the 5bet is premium. This is QQ+, AK

    Thank you for the suggestion. We will discuss it in the near future and make a decision on whether to add the requested feature. We would love to add everyone’s suggestions, but we also need to be careful that we do not over complicate the software with too many features. As a result not all of them are implemented. If we do not add your feature on this occasion, we may reconsider it if more people show support for it in the future.
    Regards udbrky (Chris)

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    I understand you can't add all suggestions. Still, as a cash player I really think the 4bet/5bet is AA or KK would make total sense and we would end up with 3 stages: ...

    4bet/5bet is AA;
    4bet/5bet is AA or KK;
    4bet/5bet is Premium;

    Really, from the 3 above, I think the more meaningless is the first one because players tend to play AA and KK the same way, so like I said I can have 0/2 on 4bet is AA where in reality both times it was KK which is still quite the same but the I'm getting mislead on the information.

    The 4bet / 5bet is premium is a fine stat because it covers a different whole group of players.

    Keep up the good work.

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