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    Default reports vs filter discrepancy

    Hi. I wanted to check a filter where I win/lose bb between 8 and 12, so I run this report for this year and find my total hands to be 1974. Fine. I then wanted to see more details, so I filter individually be each possible preflop scanario and I note down the total hands for each. Here is what I got:


    As you can see, all hands are accounted for in each subfilter as they all sum to the initial count of 1974.

    However, the problem comes when I return to the initial filter (won/lost bb between 8 and 12). Over the same total hands for this report, I see at first glance that my 3bet% and CC% are 61.5 and 34.8, respectively. What do you think the reason for this could be?

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    It's hard to know without knowing what all you have filtered.

    There could be cold 4-bet hands.

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    Ok, here is to reproduce the issue:

    1) Select the Overall report tab. Filter for all hands this year, then Player Won or Lost bbs is Between 8.0 and 12.0. Note the total hands and then the stats for 3Bet, vs 3Bet Call %, and CC%. For me, total hands = 1994. The stats of interest are 61.5%, 71%, and 34.7% respectively.

    2) Run first filter: add in 'Did Cold Call = True'. Make sure that the 'won/lost bb' filter doesn't disappear (it does for me when I add the coldcall quick filter and click apply). Note the total hands for this - for me it is 336.

    3) Remove the 'Did Cold Call = True' filter and replace it with 'Did 3Bet = True'. Note the total hands for this. For me there were 644 hands.

    This should be enough to see the issue. And fyi if I have the 3bet=True filter and then add in 'Faced preflop 4-bet after Hero 3-bets' as false, and the handcounts are very similar. There doesn't seem to be a filter for when we call a 3bet and face a back-4bet. Nevertheless I don't believe that these would be enough hands to account for the discrepancy.

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