Do I need to use different databases for Regular and Turbo SNG?
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    Default Do I need to use different databases for Regular and Turbo SNG?


    Am i correct when i dont want my hud to combine hands played from Regular Speed and Turbo speed SNG's at the i have to set up two different databases and set the appropriate one as default database before playing. Or does unticking the the mix fast and non-fast option in the hud filter settings this trick?

    If the later is true does unticking this option also take care that turbo speed and hyper/super turbo speeds will not be mixed?


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    fast and non-fast means fast fold games - like zoom, not a turbo SNG.

    You would need to switch the database each time.
    Regards udbrky (Chris)

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    I am also wana know.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lovingnatureguy View Post
    I am also wana know.
    The questions in the OP were already answered. There is no way to filter the HUD based on tournament speed. You would need to maintain two databases of each tournament speed and switch databases when you switch tournament types.

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