Remove note tasks always fill up disk
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    Default Remove note tasks always fill up disk

    I have a 8GB database on a SSD with 130GB free (I have kept expanding this each time but the problem still happens even with this much free). Any removal of note tasks cause the database to balloon in size until the disk is full and then Holdem manager crashes due to the disk being full, so the task never can complete. It then takes about 3-4 hours to vacuum the database so the extra data is then removed.

    The only work around for this seems to be resetting notes and starting again but I have done this 3 times already since purchasing the product 10 days ago and isnt a suitabe long term solution. Some of the note removals are unnecessary anyway because they are due to me saving a new note definition twice.

    Is there anything I can do to fix this?

    I am using Windows 7
    8GB Ram
    200GB SSD
    On the latest version of HM

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    Not sure if i understand you correctly, but if you mean by "remove note tasks" that NC removes the data for definitions which you have removed, there's no need to do so. Just make the obsolete definitions inactive and delete them.

    When you change note definitions it's a different story with the pending tasks. In that case i'd recommend you to always go for reset/create notes as it's from my observation the faster solution.

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    Just had the same problem, twice. I tried to delete one note and it filled up all the remaining free space in my ssd (10GB), causing hm2 to crash. now hm2 won't even launch until I delete something to clear up some space.

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    Predator is right - under many circumstances just deleting is fastest as it will delete the orphan data next time the player is loaded rather than forcing a load of every player to delete immediately. NC's database is optimized for fast reads/writes but not random access. I don't think a delete would cause *all* disk space to get used every time but it is definitely inconvenient if you don't have that much free space available.
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