issues with Zoom 10 NL moving my seat and not updating in real time.
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    Default issues with Zoom 10 NL moving my seat and not updating in real time.

    HI I'm Playing on stars on the 10 NL Zoom games.

    When I play on around a third of the time the HUD moves to a different seat and doesn't show the players I am playing against at the time.

    Can anyone help?

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    Try resetting the seats.

    Open the HM2 > HUD Settings > HUD Designer menu > Click 'Reset' > [x] Panel Positions > OK

    1) Open one Table only and ensure at least 1 hand has imported before moving to step 2.
    2) Move the stats with the Arrow Buttons (< >) on the Table Averages HUD to rotate your HUD to the correct position.
    3) Now you can open more tables and it should be automatically configured. Let at least 1 hand import before changing anything as this is needed to gather the correct positions.

    Please check this FAQ if you play at pokerstars - Hold'Em Manager 2 FAQs - Poker Software :: Setup Auto-Center or Preferred Seating For PokerStars - and make sure it is set the same in all/any installed PokerStars clients if you have more than 1 ps.xx client installed.

    If you have any difficulty following the above method with the arrow buttons you can set the positions manually as explained here - Hold'Em Manager 2 FAQs - Poker Software :: Site Setup

    Please follow the instructions in the following FAQ and reply back with the answers to the 12 questions in that FAQ. Those answers should help us quickly identify your issue, skipping questions will just mean we have to ask again in the next email and will delay the resolution of the issue - Hold'Em Manager 2 FAQs - Poker Software :: What can be done if the HUD does not work?

    Please enable the Settings > Feature Logging > [x] 'HUDStats' and 'FastPoker' option and increase the Max number of log files option to 10 so old logs are saved with date/time stamps. You can also enable this before you launch HM2 from the Start Menu - Hold'Em Manager 2 FAQs - Poker Software :: Feature Logging

    Please reproduce the problem and:
    - Attach a screen shot of the table/desktop
    - Try to include the Active Sessions tab and/or Sessions Report that also includes your windows clock and poker client lobby clock in the screen shot
    - Save a copy of the original Hand history for the table with the issue
    - Close HM2 and attach your HM2Logs folder with a detailed description of what you were doing and what problems you were experiencing - Hold'Em Manager 2 FAQs - Poker Software :: How Do I Send a Log File to Holdem Manager Support?

    With all the above information we should be able to narrow down what is causing the issue. If all the information is not included we will need to email you again to request it.

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    HM Cloud no longer supports Zoom tables.

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