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    Default Text on hud?

    Hi. How do i put text on the hud? or is it possible? i am new to the hud and i sometimes forget which stat is which. So i wouldn't mind having for example for the VPIP stat 'VPIPxx' and for the PFR 'PFRxx' etc.


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    HUD Settings / General settings / Common settings: Show abbreviations must be marked
    HUD Settings / Stat Appereance: Klick on the stat you want to change: Write in "Abbreveation" whatever you want

    Note: Seperator is not available when using abbreviations. If the result shall look like VPIPxx|PFRxx, you have to write in "Abbreviation" for PFR: "|PFR"; due to the reason that I don't like "|" I use blank instead to "separate" (looks like " PFR")

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    Thanks. Will have a look!

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