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    Default Add notes for hero

    I'm making some definitions to specifically focus on heads up play. I'd like to remove all note definitions for myself so that when I look at stat like "Cbets flow IP", for example, I don't want my CBet tendencies to skew the stats. It's heads up and i'll make up about 50% of the actions since I'm 1 out of 2 players.

    Can you tell me if I did this correctly? I unchecked "Add notes for hero" in the settings. See attached screenshots of my stats with and without that box unchecked. I notice that my stat counts are about halved, which makes sense. Also note, I still see my stats show up in Preview when I'm creating a new definition and I right click and hit preview. Is that okay that they still show up in preview?



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    Seek will show all the notes but they won't save. At live tables also notes will be made for the hero but they're just in memory so they won't affect what you see in the column chooser.
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