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    Default is TS still an actively developed product? Seems to lie fallow...

    For instance, the TS still doesn't open tables on Stars. This has been the case for two years now. Even the forum threads seem 1 - 2 years stale here. At this point, I don't see the purpose for TS on stars - it doesn't do much for me.

    Developers - if this product is retired, please state that, and we can all quit wasting our time trying to extract some utility out of it.

    If it is NOT retired, please enable the following: Join table/waitlist during scan when fish detected. Without this, trying to use TS is so much of a distraction if one or two tables are already active, that I think it is -EV overall - I make more mistakes because I am screwing around with TS.

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    Development of TS has changed hands within our team but we are actively working on existing issues that we have documented and it is currently in free/trial mode for all users to help us test the bug fixes and find any unknown issues that may exist so we can fix those as well. It is currently not available for purchase in the store because of the known issues. Once the major issues are resolved we will put it back in the store for purchase and start working on new feature improvements and support for new sites.

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