Everybody READ THIS !!!! Table ninja 1 - a real ROBBERY
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    Default Everybody READ THIS !!!! Table ninja 1 - a real ROBBERY

    tablne ninja is robbing us.

    Did you all guys paid for table ninja 1 ?
    Yes you did you paid all these money.

    Robbers you are greedy robbers trying to suck out more money from the poor people.

    Folks do something otherwise they will continue to robb us.

    Now they want more money for table ninja 2

    What's your garantee you pay now and they don't tell in a month yes you paid but we are greedy for more money pay again.

    Shame on you table ninja !!!! Shame on you !!!!

    You are ready to do everything for money.

    TAking the last money from poor people.

    Shame on you.

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    I am sorry to hear you feel this way, However TN1 was originally designed around the nature of Windows and the PokerStars client as they existed in 2008. Over the past 5+ years, TN1 and its sister products, TNFT and TNPP have expanded to cover the new versions of Windows, multiple poker clients, and all the ways each have changed. As is common with software products as they grow and adapt, all of this had made the code very difficult to maintain.

    Thus we created TableNinja2 from the ground up to be a single software product that would natively handle multiple sites and have a fresh code base designed to make it easier to fix bugs and release cool new features, like NinjaVision see here TableNinja II: NinjaVision

    In order to give our customers the best experience possible, it is necessary to for us to make decisions that keep us viable as a business. For TableNinja that means focusing 100% on making TableNinja2 the best it can be. As we announced when TableNinja2 first launched in May of 2013, part of that focus will involve ending support for TN1.

    While We understand that it is frustrating when you feel that something unfair has happened. We always tried to be as clear as possible on the TableNinja website that:
    1. We reserve the right to release a new product and to charge for that product.
    2. We are in no way obligated to release updates to TN1. And therefore the Infinite License entitles you to receive any TN1 updates that happen to be released.

    In addition, this is a standard policy for software as any other policy would not be a viable business model -- i.e. if buying TableNinja1 let you automatically own any other software we make in the future for free, or if we were obligated to update TN1 forever and our children and children’s children will inherit the task of keeping TN1 up-to-date until the end of time.

    Over the years we’ve updated TableNinja 1 hundreds of times, but we needed to create TableNinja 2 from the ground up to be able to do things that simply aren’t possible with the TableNinja 1 code base. As a business we must make decisions that keep us viable, and TableNinja 2 has been a major investment designed to ensure that we can continue to provide a great multitabling experience to our customers for years to come.

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