Last X opportunities shows all opportunities anyway
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    Default Last X opportunities shows all opportunities anyway

    I've made a simple note definition to show me last 5 showdown hands of certain opponent.
    Very simple, shows as "[ $cards ] $pfposition vs. $enemypfposition" and can be replayed for more info. I dont use it as general NC popup ("Show in the notes popup" is not ticked), but it's connected to a popup of one of my stats. Number of hands stat actually.
    In the HUD Options I set up "Use last X opportunities" as 5. But it just shows everything, so I get huuuge popup over my whole screen if I click on someone with a lot of hands.

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    That's for a single note. The way you set up those variables it is producing multiple notes. So if you did $cardrange without the other variables it'd show you the last 5. Because that would be a single note.
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    When you use $pfposition it creates up to 9 notes for you - 1 per possible position
    If you set $enemypfposition as well, that's another up to 9 notes which will be multiplied with the other 9

    So that gives you up to 81 separate notes.

    (I could be wrong, but that's my understanding)

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