Badges do not always display
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    Default Badges do not always display


    When I am playing tournaments on ACR the badges do not always display for all players. When I go to NoteCaddy -> Tools -> Badges for specific players I can see the badges but they do not always show up on the HUD. Sometimes, they show up for a few hand and then disappear. Sometimes, they never show up at all. Sometimes, 4 badges should display but only 1 or 2 do.

    I have 2 badges, on a separate line, that always display for every player (badges that show the last few hands opponent played). They always show up. I'm not sure why the other badges show up intermittently or not at all.

    Could this be a performance issue related to my computer in some way?

    Please let me know what additional information you need or if you have any tips on options I should check?

    Thank you.

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    The badges are not usually set to show always. They are for specific amounts of players and can also be for stack sizes too. Make sure that the details you see in tools->player notes matches the game conditions
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