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    Default Table Ninja

    Hey guys, Table ninja and are not together, any of you guys know why?

    Thank you.

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    Stars new rules have made TN1 banned. You would need to use TN2 on Stars.
    Regards udbrky (Chris)

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    I bought table ninja 2 today for one month, it's driving me crazy with the configuration, I need help with the grid table positioning config:

    I'm using MultiStack:

    However, I basically just want to have 4 slots that I can send the tables there with 4 different Hotkeys, but I DON'T WANT that Table ninja sends tables there for me,

    I'm playing on Pokerstars and and Winamax, so every time a new table open Table treats all the tables from different poker rooms to the same pile, which makes me become sitout because I don't see the action.

    So I have one goal that can be attained with two different approaches:

    1) having table ninja sending to each pile the tables of each site... so that different sites are not in the same pile

    2) Having table ninja not sending tables anywhere!

    Looking forward to hear from you,

    Thank you

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    I have replied to your other post regarding the same questions.

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