Table Scanner doesn't seem to fetch the waitlist on Pokerstars FR ?
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    Default Table Scanner doesn't seem to fetch the waitlist on Pokerstars FR ?

    Hey there,
    As I've been learning to use Table Scanner 2, I've noticed it never fetched the waitlist. All the values remain at 0, all other stats fill up correctly, is this a known issue ?

    I'm using HM2 8413 BETA (it's the only build that seems to scan tables correctly for me).
    2016-01-21 12_32_37-PokerStars Lobby.png


    I have another question, I don't want to spam the forum with 1 specific question each time, so I hope you don't mind:
    In the Advanced View, is there a way to make the "Graph" section use the scoring system instead of auto-scoring ?

    Ty for your time, cheers

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    If the lobby is found, there's a good chance the rest should be working. In Scan Profiles, make sure that the Format section does not have conflicting game types set to Required. Change them to Optional.

    Make sure that Stars' lobby is default, you are using medium text, and default font.

    Please zip and send a screenshot of

    - the lobby
    - all of your table scanner settings
    - the scan profiles settings

    We are still working on some functions of Table Scanner. Until they are resolved, it will not be 100%.

    I will try to get more information regarding the second question.
    Regards udbrky (Chris)

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