Smaller Font on the HUD possible?
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    Default Smaller Font on the HUD possible?

    I notice that the size of the HUD and font size changes depending on how big or small you make your table. Is it possible to change it at all aside from changing table size? I'd ideally like to make it a bit smaller so that I can easily position the HUD for each player so it doesnt cover chip count, timing bar, hole cards or the chat/time buttons etc. Although it's possible it kind of looks a bit busy, if when I'm playing a full screen table I could get the HUD to be the same kind of size for playing a standard 2/3 screen size table that would space it out a bit more and I'd prefer it, but I'm not sure if it's possible to change the HUD without changing table size to do it?


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    hud options--> player preferences--> appearance tab-->turn off SCALE FONT
    (and it won't rescale the font size based on the table size)

    Also note at the appearance tab: you can change the "default font / font size"
    (I think default is 8, Verdana)
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