Problems with NoteCaddy in version 8379
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    Default Problems with NoteCaddy in version 8379

    Hello, there was a problem.
    I had an older version of HM2, until stopped working HUD in ZOOM PS, I have on it were written definition on NoteCaddy, everything worked. Update to the latest version HM2 8379, I began working as HUD, but started having problems with Caddy.
    First stop normally displayed stats are written in Caddy, they are either not displayed ("-" instead of the values), or show incorrect values ​​(in this case to Seek all displayed correctly, these stats are tested by me in the old version HM2, everything worked. However, in tools-player notes are not displayed in the latest version). All caddysparks become displayed on a gray background, or not displayed at all.
    All these problems apply to the replayer and the game itself.
    Secondly HM2 began to hang on startup (when the window is opened with the loading arms), sometimes only runs 3 times, only helps complete the process and start over again.

    To solve this problem, I tried to reinstall HM2, reset settings do Reset Notes and start them on the new, creating new databases, even after formatting the disk, nothing helped.
    But I have noticed a pattern, if I make a definition for openraise, then immediately start problems and generally without definition preflop for the rest seems to work fine. For the experiment, removed the 8379 and 8280 version put on it all works well, except for HUD, to update it to 8379 and the work stops.
    Should win7, Postgres 8.4 that came with the HM2, Net.4 (tried and 4.5), UAC is disabled, the folder with antivirus HM2 stands exceptions, all run by an administrator.

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    If possible please attach the test definition here that you created and referenced in your post
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    problem solved

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