Hands not importing in real time. Help!
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    Default Hands not importing in real time. Help!

    So today I got myself a copy of Hold'Manager 2. Setup seemed straightforward. HUD is working fine. I had problems installing PostgreSQL, but managed to get it working by installing that and HM2 Separately.

    Anyway, the problem is...

    In the main window, hands are not importing in real time. What I mean is that no hands at all are showing up in the session while it is in progress until I shut down Holdem Manager and start it up again. Then the hands I've just played will show up. This means I can't properly analyse a session as it is in progress, I can only review a session afterwards by closing down HM2 and re-opening it so that it will import the hands I just played. This isn't very useful obviously for wanting to quickly review a hand or if I want more information on the opponents betting line etc...

    To clarify here. The HUD IS working. The problem is that the hands aren't showing up in the main HEM2 window.

    I've spent most of the day trying to figure this out, and it seems that plenty of other people have had this problem, although I didn't read about any that were easily solved.

    Can anyone help with this?

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    This is often an issue with the site time adjustment.

    The automatic Site Time Adjustment will read from the site's server. If you adjust the lobby clock settings, on some sites, it could cause the Time column for the hands in the Reports to be off.

    To verify, please compare the time in the Active Sessions, or Reports' hands section to your computer clock while playing.

    See this FAQ for the adjustment steps if there is a difference - http://hm2faq.holdemmanager.com/ques...ime+Adjustment

    If you continue to have problems, please reproduce the problem and zip/attach your HM2Logs folder with a detailed description of what you were doing and what problems you were experiencing - http://hm2faq.holdemmanager.com/ques...ger+Support%3F
    Regards udbrky (Chris)

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    Yeah it's definitely not the site time that is the problem as the hands do appear with the correct time stamp on them.

    I will email the log files and hopefully this can get sorted.

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    So I thought I'd try creating a new database to see if that would work.

    I load up my poker client, play a hand, and it works!!!

    For one hand...

    Then again no more hands import until I close HEM2 and re-open it.

    I'm stumped.

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