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    I have just purchased a new ssd drive but I am unable to boot windows from it atm. I am wondering if there would be an increase in performance if I am able to boot from my new and improved ssd drive. Right now I installed win10 on the old ssd (kingston hyperx 3k) and will have HM2 and all poker related programs on my second ssd (samsung sm951). So I am wondering if there would be a big difference in performance (with regards to HM2 and Notecaddy) if I would boot win10 on the sm951 and install all my poker applications as well on the sm951.

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    Best performance would be to install EVERYTHING on the fastest* SSD.
    *the SSD with the fastest 4K read speeds.
    (it doesn't matter much if the sequential read speeds of the new SSD are higher).

    If the 4K read speeds are very close together, stick to your current setup, of the OS to one drive, and the (poker) programs to the other.
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