Preflop Open range and flatting range from every position
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    Default Preflop Open range and flatting range from every position


    I'd like to find this stat on myself preflop open range and flatting range on hm2 and I'm not sure if this is correct.
    Reports> Position> I added these stats >Call 2PFRs, CC%, and UO PFR%.
    Please correct me if this is the wrong stat to use.

    Thank you.

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    I forwarded this to our QA/Testing Manager to reply to but he won't be able to test it to verify the answer until tomorrow.

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    Hello gure90306,

    If you are just trying to get a percentage value, those are correct stats to use.

    However when analyzing your own game, filters can be better in some cases, because you can then use any of the reports, or hand grid display to visualize your range.


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    Thank you.

    Sorry for the late reply.
    Hope this post helps others as well.
    Now I can plug my stats in flopzilla.
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    You are very welcome. Thank you for letting us know it solved your problems. It helps us when crafting future replies to other customers with similar problems.

    Good luck at the tables. If you have any further questions or problems do not hesitate to ask us.

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