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    Default Win % and Pot Odds %

    I'm starting to get serious about my poker, and I want to get the best tools I can. HM2 seems to be where it's at, but... I've been playing on Carbon Poker, and using their odds calculator, and one of my favorite features is that it shows you your estimated win % and the pot odds %, as well as the % of hitting your various outs. HM2 does not do this, right? (except for pod odds) Is there some software I can use in conjunction with HM2 so that I can have this functionality? Also, the way it does this is by reading the chat, right? So it won't work on sites like Bovada that don't show any details in the chat box, right? Thanks.

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    Pot odds are only available on Ipoker and Poker Stars with live tracking.

    It is impossible to know your win % if you are not all-in and can see your opponents cards.

    You can't know what outs you really have unless you know the other's hands.
    Regards udbrky (Chris)

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