plans for Chico network support?
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    Default plans for Chico network support?

    According to Poker Scout, it looks like the Chico Poker Network (with the skins Bet Online, Sports Betting, & Tiger Gaming) is firmly the second most popular site where US residents can play nowadays. It's behind Bodog where players are anonymous and thus there are no huds ... which, in theory, makes Chico the most popular US-friendly site where HM2 could work. It looks like it's been gradually gaining traction while Winning and Merge (where I play) have declined. Sigh.

    Any chance HM2 will support it at some point? I can't speak to the quality of the site or the software or anything else. Just looking at the traffic stats and am a little intrigued.

    (Man oh man, it sure does suck being a US resident trying to play poker these days.)

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    We do not have any short term plans to add any new networks at this time. When we decide to start adding support for more new networks again it will be done based on current pokerscout rankings and the popularity of the ticket in our system for the network.

    This request has been documented in detail and provided to the developers to add.

    The assigned internal ticket # on this request is HM-7128

    I have added your email address to the ticket so we can notify you once we have added it.
    Regards udbrky (Chris)

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