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    First I'm french so I apologize for the following very bad English !

    I purchased yesterday note caddy Edge and I want to custom the HUD. I would like to add badge inside some pop-up. Is it possible to do this ? I try to find on the web but I didn't find anything. I try to put NC.ORDEREDBADGE in my popup but when I add a badge definition in my popup it appears like a standard definition and note like a badge.

    I would like to thank you also for the great job done on this HUD and for sure when I move up on the limit I will purchase the ultimate package.

    Best regards

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    Hi lolocks,

    I responded to your email for this question, but I will post it here too in case anybody else has the same question.


    Thank you very much for purchasing and the nice words! Unfortunately we can't put popup images in the popups directly. It's just not a capability that NoteCaddy and HM2 has, I'm sorry about that. You can add any stats that are used as badges in your popups though if you wish.

    Please let us know if you have any other questions anytime
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