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    Default heat map not working

    It appears heat map isn't working for me. I've only tried so far using it in the replayer with some custom HUDs. I'm hovering my mouse over the stat in a popup that should produce some sort of map, and I'm trying it on players with a lot of hands (like 5k+) on some pretty common stats, so I know something should be showing.

    When I hover the cell, it looks like HM tries to produce a map, but all I'm seeing is a tiny sliver of orange. Something's happening here, but it's not able to produce a full map.

    I've tested it out on several HUDs, many villains, and many available heat map stats. And fyi, I'm using the default defs that came with NC, so it's just the HUD & popups that are customized. Any idea what's going on? Thanks.
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    I have the same problem. Could anybody says why ?


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    Are you guys sure there are instances with a showdown for the stat you're using as a heatmap, for that particular player you're checking?

    You can check to see by going into NoteCaddy, right-clicking the definition which you've applied as a heatmap, and click Analyze. You'll be able to sort by player name and find if there are instances where the player has shown down his hand (the heat map will only show known hands in it).

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