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    Default NoteCaddy Predator --- Coaching Package --- Custom Definitions

    "Know thy self, know thy enemy. A thousand battles, a thousand victories."
    Sun Tzu

    More than 2000 definitions turbo-charge the HUD with detailed information for almost every thinkable situation. Position specific stats for HU and multiway give you a better look on how people play in different positions.

    Masses of valueable information........but on a glance
    The design of all elements of the package maximizes clarity to provide you with information in a fraction of a second. The color-logic of the badges and pop-ups in NoteCaddy Predator is intuitive and you will be able to integrate them into your game within minutes.

    Better information
    All stats and badges in the HUD switch dynamic from vs all to vs Hero once the sample-size is big enough.

    In the package:

    2037 definitions in total

    147 badges and mini-badges
    all badges are dynamic with the stepping vs all > vsHero

    * Fold vs 3bet for all positions

    * Fold vs Cbet 3BP for all positions (considers the 4bet of the opponent)

    * Fold vs Squeeze as Raiser for all positions

    * Fold vs Squeeze as Caller for all positions

    * 0&done and 1&done SRP badges for all positions

    * SB Fold vs Cold-4bet after Resteal

    * Limp-Call Fold vs Flop Cbet IP

    * Limp-Call Fold vs Flop Cbet OOP

    * mini-badges Fold vs Flop Cbet after calling a steal for BB vs Btn, BB vs SB and SB vs Btn

    193 notes and heatmaps with spark-graphs and scatters

    heatmaps for all preflop-stats covering calls or raises in the pop-ups

    1 HUD
    31 of the HUD-stats are dynamic with the stepping vs all > vsHero. Dynamic stats:

    3bet IP (resteals excluded) *** SB FvsResteal *** 3bet OOP (resteals excluded) *** Btn Steal *** Fvs3bet IP (resteals excluded) *** Btn FvsResteal *** Fvs3bet OOP (resteals excluded) *** Co FvsResteal *** Squeeze *** BB FvsSB-Steal *** FvsSqueeze as Raiser *** Cbet Flop IP SRP *** 4bet-range *** Cbet Turn IP SRP *** Fvs4bet *** Cbet River IP SRP *** SB Steal *** Cbet Flop OOP SRP *** BB Resteal vs SB *** FvsCbet Flop OOP SRP *** SB FvsBtn Steal *** Cbet Turn OOP SRP *** SB Resteal vs Btn *** Cbet River OOP SRP *** Btn FvsCO Steal *** FvsCbet Flop IP SRP *** BB FvsBtn Steal *** FvsCbet Turn IP SRP *** BB Resteal vs Btn *** BB FvsSB Steal

    37 pop-ups
    All pop-ups are thoroughly designed with neatly arranged statistics to help you absorbing the information as quick as possible.

    a document explaining the badges and pop-ups and how you can adjust the settings for your needs

    More information: NoteCaddy Predator

    Custom definitions
    You need a stat/note or badge? You need someone who builds your complete custom HUD with pop-ups? I'm highly experienced in doing this and deliver reliable work for a fair price with maximum discretion.

    More information: Custom Definitions
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    A new version of NC Predator has been released:

    Release notes

    - all stats have now bet- and stacksize requirements, opponent has to have min 100bb, 3bet has to be 2.25-4,5x, 4bet has to be 2-3x

    - changed all postflop-stats 3bet/vs3bet to HU

    - added positional postflop-stats HU for some pop-ups

    - all notes in the package are now HU and scatters displaying the relation between betsize and handstrength have been added

    - merged some positions and removed some stats to reduce workload (please check the screenshots on my webpage before updating)

    - FvsCbet 3BP badges consider now the opponent's 4bet in the calculation

    - added positional heatmaps for RFI, Cold Call, Call vs 3bet, 3bet, Call vs 4bet

    - added some postflop-stats

    - minor bug-fixes

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    Beta for NC Predator 3.0 is uploaded.

    Everyone who owns NC Predator can download the package from within NoteCaddy via Help > Download latest NoteCaddy coaching package version.

    If you don't own NC Predator and want to check it out, send an email to with your email and HM2-license code and i'll will issue a license for the time of the beta.

    Currently the package supports HU and 6max and a HUD for each format is in the package. Fullring will be supported in the next release.

    7.-12. December i'll be out of office, so won't respond here in this thread or issue beta-licenses in this time.
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