Manual Entry error?
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    Default Manual Entry error?

    Played in the Poker Stars Million, 5th Anniversary with 59,000+ entrants.
    It didn't show up in my statistics. So I manually entered the tournament results. Then I noticed that the report filter was set for 40,000 max entrants.
    When I changed the parameter to 70000, the tournament showed up. But not all of my hand history. The last X hands but not the beginning. The HH is still in my pokerstars directory and did not import completely to HM (it does not appear in my HM HH directory for 3/6/11.

    Do I need to delete the tournament and then import the file? I tried importing the file w/o deleteing, but nothing seemed to have changed. Should I delete the tournament and let auto import run to find the HH in the Pokerstars folder? What about duplicate hands? I assume the DB will catch those.


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    Please update to the latest version -

    Try deleting the hands + SUMMARY.
    Then reimport them again.

    Make sure you also import the tournament summary file.
    Read updated tournament summary section @
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