I have just paid $75 to buy the Spin & Win Hud and what a waste of money. It looks great in the screenshots but when it is actually on your tables it is just way way too much, it is hard to even see your cards, there is way too much imformation.
There are a few things i was looking at buying on here but I think i will be very careful before spending my money.
This HUD may be good for young guns but as a 61 year old it is information overload, besides which if i am playing 3+ tables it is impossible to find any relevant information in time.
Maybe it is just my age cos I bought Note Caddy and don't use it much. I quite like the idea of badges but have no idea how to set them up.
I guess at my age I want something that is set up for me, ready to run out of the box and it seems this isnt it.