Hud stats covering replayer controls/help
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    Default Hud stats covering replayer controls/help

    Never had this happen b4. the hud stats are covering the controls so i cant use the replayer. I tried finding some hotkeys, but couldn't. I even switched to a custom hud with smaller stats and that didn't work. How can i fix this?


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    The HUD stats in the HM2 replayer are covering the HM2 replayer controls. Is that what you mean?
    I didn't know that could happen.

    [1] This might not be relevant...
    What figure have you got for "overhang" it is best set as "0" if you can?
    [you can find "overhang" in the picture in the link below]

    [2] Can't you move the HUD stats with your mouse?
    Right click on HUD & move mouse

    If the HUD will not move make sure "Lock HUD layout" isn't checked:

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    If you are referring to the HUD showing on the client/stars replayer this is a known issue as they shouldn't be there at all. The instructions above from loki should help you to reposition the panels.

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