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    So, I was messing around with the custom table layout settings (this is where you can set where you want your tiled tables to appear with a custom size) and I noticed that the smallest size you can set your tables to, isn't the smallest possible. In my poker clients stars/ftp, you can actually go slightly smaller. This makes my tables go to slightly on top of each other, which isnt a horrible burden but still slows down action. Any fix?

    I'm using win 8.1 and have made my window borders small.

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    I have escalated your issue to our 2nd level support techs and they will respond to your email as soon as possible.
    Regards udbrky (Chris)

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    Right now in TN2 the smallest the tables can be set is 500*371 we have a feature request sent to the developers to allow tables to be made smaller ie the same size as the poker client, The latest ticket on this is TN-89 if you wish to be notified of when this is available you can email with the subject "Notify me when TN-89 is resolved.

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    Ok, sounds good.

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