how to like selfmade popups to certain stats in the hud.
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    Default how to like selfmade popups to certain stats in the hud.

    Hey, (How to link selfmade popups)
    Started to make my own popups but donīt know how to implement them into my hud.
    Sorry if this Q was answered already but I didenīt find it in google.
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    If you want to link them to a specific HUD stat to show on hover over you need to use the HUD Settings > Stat Appearance menu then click on the Stat you want it linked to and change the popup to the new one in the Stat Settings > Popup drop-down menu.

    If you want it as a tab in the Main Popup you get when clicking a stat use the HUD Settings > Main Popup / Table HUD menu to add it from the 'Available' to the 'Visible' list.

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