CaddySpark Pie Chart Color Coding - adjustable?
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    Default CaddySpark Pie Chart Color Coding - adjustable?

    I loved the Pie Charts (to display CaddySpark data) that had been introduced some month ago, they used to display hand strength in a great manner.

    However, the color coding for the pie charts has changed recently. Whereas there used to be like 5 different colors (green (air/Ahigh), blue (draws), yellow (thin value like middle pair or bottom piar), orange (strong hands like TP or 2P), and red (monsters) by default, now there is only 2 colors left (orange and green).

    This is extremely disturbing since now a hand like middle pair will get the same color as an air hand or Ace high, whereas a "strong flush draw" is now represented in orange, just like a strong made hand. I find this new default color coding fairly annoying, is there any way that I can change the way the different hand strengths are represented in the pie charts?
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    It is not adjustable. People complained before and they complain now. Impossible to please everybody. The way it is now is the way it is going to be. You can see the full list of hands that comprised the chart at the bottom so there is no room for confusion.
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    i think the charts have been an improvment and like the new version. def keep them

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    Just got NC and was googling to see if the colors are adjustable... Came here to say they're pretty annoying right now. For example, in a SRP checked down to the river, any pair that's bet is basically for value but these weak made hands have the same green color as a bluff.

    Would be very nice to have the colors be adjustable, or give different categories at least a different shade of the color they share.

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    Definitely in favor of adding more colors. The pie chart is a fantastic tool, but it loses most of it's usefulness for me by lumping weak made hands with total bluffs. I play limit HE and most of the time someone betting what notecaddy considers to be a weak made hand is definitely not a bluff, so lumping bluffs together with them is definitely counter-productive.

    Sure I can read each individual hand type and do some quick math to figure out what percentage are bluffs, but this turns what would be a very powerful visual tool into something that I just have to ignore now. If some people don't like more colors, I urge you to make this configurable. Could be just a check box to display different colors for each hand group, or uncheck it to just use the current 2 color scheme.

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