Hero friend HUD stats resetting to 0 every session?
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    Default Hero friend HUD stats resetting to 0 every session?

    My database contains imported hands from both myself "Whitewash" and my friend "Marlo". If "Marlo" is seated at my table, his HUD stats reset to 0 at the beginning of every session. I do NOT have "Use session stats" checked.

    Why is this happening, and can it be fixed? Thank you!

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    This problem can be caused if you are sharing hands which is against the rules at almost all of the sites we support. We generally will not provide tech support for problems caused by sharing hands or importing purchased hands as we can't be seen to condone this behavior that the sites we support do not allow. I would suggest that you start a new database and only import your own original hand histories without any of the hands they shared with you. If your poker site finds out you are using hands in your database you did not play in you run the risk of having your poker account closed and funds confiscated.

    Because you imported their hands, which have their hole cards for every single one of their hands in your database, HM2 thinks they are a hero and as such treats them as a hero when you encounter them at a table. This means it is going to show their session stats in the HUD instead of their lifetime HUD.

    For the opponents it should show their lifetime history as long as HM2 doesn't think they are a hero. For you, and anyone else that HM2 thinks is a hero because you imported all of their original hand histories instead of just the hands you previously played against them, it will only show their session stats.

    HM is designed to only show your session stats at that table as we felt it was a lot more useful for a couple of reasons:
    1) A lot of people will have a huge amount of stats on themselves so it saves lagging issues having to show these for yourself
    2) A lot of regulars are very aware of their stats and when you have a lot of stats accumulated it would take a huge swing just for 1 stat to change since you've such a big sample and so there not very useful
    3) Its much more beneficial to see your session stats to get an idea of how aggressive or passive people will see you since you sat at that table. (again even if its against a reg youll know yourself your overall image or at least you should)
    4) You can easily check your overall stats in the reports section to remind any stats but again most people know their stats pretty well.

    First you need to access your database in pgadmin and open a SQL window

    start > programs > postgresql > pgadmin > connect to the sql server > then connect to the database

    tools > query tools > clear the text in the SQL Editor window


    select * from players where optimizationstatus != 0

    Click the 'Play' button to 'Execute Query'

    This will show all the players marked as hero's. They should note the ID of the player that they want to un-make as a hero then


    update players set optimizationstatus = 0 where player_id = {player_id of player}

    Click the 'Play' button to 'Execute Query'

    so for example, "update players set optimizationstatus = 0 where player_id = 1232"

    Once that is done launch HM2 and that player won't be a hero and other players moved against that player will not count towards vs hero stats. No need to reimport DB or anything after that. If you keep on sharing hands like this then you will need to update this again before playing.

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