BetuniQ HUD (Uniq Poker Network)
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    Default BetuniQ HUD (Uniq Poker Network)

    Hey guys,

    I have an add-on software (UPN Converter) for Holdem Manager 1/2, that enables the HUD and stats for Uniq Poker Network.

    The network opened a few weeks ago and this is the only software out there, so you'll be the first ones to be able to use HEM on this site.

    UPN Converter SS.jpg

    If you are interested in getting it for free, send me an email and I'll get you the software and a code to sign up.

    HEMconverter (at)

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    Just wanted to say thanks, I have used the software now for a few days and can clearly see the tremendeous edge it gives one. It was easy to install and so far I have had no troubles with it. GG and keep up the good work, time to grind some profit....

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    Everything works fine here, thank you.

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