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    Hi, tell me please,where is a second post?

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    Quote Originally Posted by maraillla View Post
    Hi, tell me please,where is a second post?
    You are post #12 in this thread. Scroll up to the top of this thread and read the first reply to the original post here -

    Quote Originally Posted by fozzy71 View Post
    That is PT4's HUD.

    There is a trick for creating horizontal dividing lines in HM2:

    1) Go to Config properties> Enable "Show abbreviations"
    2) Go to Stat appearance and delete abbrevations from all stats so they dont show up
    3) Go to Displayed stats and add any stat(stat you dont need) in place where you want horizontal line
    4) Add "New line" above/bellow this stat
    5) Go to Stat Appearance and change stat you added to color black, font size 1 (so you will not see green "-")
    6) Add abrevation to new stat "________________" (add as many _ as you need to fill the line)
    7) Add minsample for this stat to "999999" so number will never show up, only - that we colored black.

    [removed dropbox images as they are no longer available]

    Here is the post in our forums about it:

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