More HUD sample based color codes for increased granularity of standard error estimat
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    Default More HUD sample based color codes for increased granularity of standard error estimat

    The current HUD color scheme only allows for 5 sample size intervals. This, imo, is insufficient. For example you could use the current color coding system for sample sizes of <10, 10-25,25-50,50-100 and >100. While that may work practically, it is probably not ideal and will result in a large variance of the estimated standard error from the calculated standard error for any true sample size. Even in this case I feel it is also very good to know at what N the standard error becomes very small, say <2%. That would require at least one additional color coded sample size interval given the example intervals. It may even be nice to simply allow the user to input an sample size for which the standard error is extremely small and then create a continuous function with the color wheel as the dependent variable, with the existing color band found in the HUD stat appearance tab being represented by the independent variable sample size going from 0 to an N for which the standard error is set at an arbitrary, very small number.

    Could any of this be implemented in future versions or are there tricks to implement this in the current one?
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    This has been requested in the past one or twice but I don't see any open tickets for it so I am guessing it would be a major project and is unlikely to happen in HM2

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