Fold to 3bet after raise
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    Default Fold to 3bet after raise

    saw this stat on Poker Tracker. This seems to be so basic, that I was surprised didn't find it here.

    I'd like to find out how often is OR folding after being 3bet-ed.

    Does anyone know where to find this stat?
    If it doesn't exist, could you guys give me a clue to how to create it using Note Caddy?

    Many thanks,


    edit: The closest stat I found was "Fold to resteal", but it only refers to a hero being 3beted after raising first in from CO and later, and then folded; but I couldn't find it for EP and MP.
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    For a basic "Fold to 3bet" stat (that includes folding to a 3bet, when the initial raise was in EP and MP) you can use: TOT Fold to 3bet (in the vs3Bet category)
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