Hm 2 on windows 7 vs HM 2 in windows 8, still (install) issues?
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    Default Hm 2 on windows 7 vs HM 2 in windows 8, still (install) issues?


    I boughyt a windows 8 laptop a couple of years ago and rememeber having a lot of issues tryin to install HM 2. In the end, i basicly gave up (also because HM2 support refused to do a skype/teamviewer request to do it for me..) ..

    I still have this laptop and I want to play poker again, and I just need HM 2. I was wondering if HM 2 works better now with windows 8 ? Is it easier to install it or do people still have a lot of issues with it ? (more issues when compared to installing HM 2 on windowns 7 )


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    Windows 8.1 solved 99% of all Windows 8 problems.

    I haven't seen any recent threads with Windows 8.1 install issues.
    The old Windows 8 FAQ if you still run into installing PostgreSQL problems was:

    For postgres problems with Win 8. It's a little different from Win 7.
    The show hidden files is a little different.
    It is located in the View - Options section. At the top, there are 4 menu buttons - File, Home, Share, View. Click the view. From there, it's just like in all other windows. Folder Options hasn't changed.
    Getting to programs is a PITA without the Start menu. To run CMD as an admin:
    go to the start screen, where it lists all your programs.
    Right click in the bottom right, it shows "All Apps" button. Click that.
    Go to the Windows section.
    There, you see Command prompt.
    Right click that, at the bottom, on the left, are options. Click Run as Administrator.
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    Thanks, it all worked out!

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