major Lag with TN2???
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    Default major Lag with TN2???

    i have made the switch over from TN1 to TN2 and I am seriously f'off with it. TN2 is crap, the lag you get makes it unusable, whilst TN1 works perfectly.

    How can I sort this out? If I can't get a satisfactory outcome, I will be asking for a refund.

    Can't you release TN1 and make it run on all sites? I would pay.

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    .Please describe the lag you are getting, Is it with tables popping up, is it with the mouse? Are you manually clicking bet buttons or are you using Hotkeys? What site are you playing on?

    The more information you give us the better.


    1) Please see the following thread and follow the instructions given to adding the requested files to the list of exceptions in your antivirus/firewall

    2) go to the start menu search and type "performance information and tools", without the quotes, and hit enter. Or do right-click on My computer and select Properties. In the new window that pops up click the adjust visual effects link. Choose custom - and you can disable everything except the following:

    enable desktop composition
    enable transparent glass
    show thumbnails instead of icons
    smooth edges of screen fonts
    use visual styles on windows and buttons

    3) A - Update your graphics drivers -

    B - Make sure windows is fully updated until 'No New Important Updates are Found' (this may require multiple restarts and multiple 'check for updates'), including Internet Explorer (even if you use a different web browser).

    C - Update Logitech Setpoint if it is something you have installed - SetPoint - Logitech Support

    D - Enable desktop composition -

    E - Change your Windows theme to an Aero theme - Start > Control Panel > Appearance and Personalization > Change the theme > Aero Themes > Windows 7 or similar

    4)What are your computer specs?

    5) What other programs other than TN2 and the poker client are you running?

    6) Please reproduce issue, then go to TableNinja 2 > Help > Contact Support and click the "Send logs to TableNinja" button. Then send a copy of that ZIP file to to check it over for errors.
    Also please send a screenshot of your desktop with a table and your HUD displayed. See instructions How to Take a Screen Shot in Windows Please send the screenshot even if you don't have a HUD or custom table theme.

    Please also briefly describe what is happening in the email.

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